Private Dental Colleges in India With Low Fee Structure 2019

Hey friends! Welcome to PKEdutech’s next exclusive post for dental aspirants. In this post, I will be telling you about private dental colleges in India with the low fee structure. Before that, I would suggest you read my article on BDS fee structure in private colleges.I would like all my readers that, to get admission to any dental college in India you must:
  • Qualify the NEET entrance exam.
  • Have a 50% aggregate in your 12th.
  • Have 50% in physics, chemistry, and biology.
Yes, NEET qualification is mandatory to get BDS admission in any dental college in India.
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After the NEET exams have been introduced, the fee structure for all dental colleges is fixed by the government and dental college. If the government approves the fee structure, then the college cannot take tuition fees more than that.For example, in Karnataka last year government fixed 4.17 lakh rupees per year as tuition fees for BDS and colleges cannot charge more than that. But, most of the dental colleges reduced their fee structure as it was getting very hard to fill seats in private colleges.

Private Dental Colleges in India with Low Fee Structure

Here I won’t be revealing the college names, but I will share with you the lowest fee structure available in India for BDS admission. And I really apologize for the same! 😀 If you are interested to get a BDS admission at this package and if you are qualified in NEET, you can contact me by clicking the below button.

10 Lakh Rupees Total Package Including Hostel, Food, Tuition Fees and Material Charges

Many of you might be thinking this package is not the lowest one. But the truth is that this is the lowest. This is the lowest BDS package in India.In most of dental colleges, apart from tuition fees, you have to pay extra for the hostel, food, material charges, exam fees, study materials, etc. But this package is including everything and for 5 years. That is how we are proving BDS admission at a low cost.Note: For deserving candidates, scholarships are also available, for which fee structure will go till 10 lakh total package. Yes, you will be able to get BDS admission without a donation.

Fees You Have to Pay Yearly If you Take BDS Admission

  • First Year – 3.40.
  • Other years – 2.50.
  • Hostel fees are included in this.
  • Food charges are included in this.
  • Material charges are included in these.
  • Study materials we will provide for Free.

All our partnered private dental colleges with low fee structure will be:
  • Approved by the government of India.
  • Approved by the Dental Council of India.
  • Affiliated under the reputed university.
  • Having great patient flow or exposure.
  • Having excellent faculties in both clinical and non-clinical departments.
The benefits of taking BDS admission through PK Edutech are that:
  • Provides scholarship facility.
  • Free study materials and educational kit.
  • Seat booking facility.
  • Complete counseling support.
  • Best support even after joining any dental college.

Few Private Dental Colleges in India With Low Fee Structure

  • Sharavathi Dental College.
  • Subbaiah Dental College.
  • Al-Badar Dental College.
  • Kalka Dental College.
  • Divya Jyothi Dental College.
  • Institute of Dental Studies and Technologies.
  • Shubarti Dental College.
  • Maharaja Ganga Singh Dental College.
  • Navodaya Dental College.
  • Swami Devi Dyal Dental College.
And more colleges are available with those who provide private dental college admission at the low fee structure.


I guess I was able to give you great information about private dental colleges in India with low fee structure and more. If you are in need of BDS admission at the lowest package then click the below button to give us a call. If you loved this article please do share it with people in need.


This is the best information and list of private dental colleges in India with low fee structure and great patient flow.

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