BDS Admission 2019 – The Complete Guide

Heya! If you are on this page then it is sure that you want to know more details about BDS admission in India. We are the only educational consultant in India who have an expert team of dentists who can guide students about dental admissions.Yes, you heard it right! We have a team of dentists who can guide you in telling every single detail about BDS admissions and more of its details. We are up to date with all the exams, counseling procedures and this keeps us one step forward from others.Note: You won’t be eligible for BDS admission if you don’t qualify NEET Entrance Exam.Before you take admission to BDS, I would like to give you a complete idea about the course, its scope, admission procedures and every single detail about BDS admission. This is the best article about BDS private college admission.
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In this post, I will be covering:
  • BDS Course structure.
  • The scope of BDS.
  • The salary expectation of BDS.
  • Admission procedures for BDS.
  • Entrance exams for BDS admission.
  • How to choose a college for BDS admission?
  • The fee structure for BDS.
  • Frequently asked questions about BDS admission.
  • List of DCI approved private dental colleges in India.
  • Features of our dental admission consultancy service.
  • Benefits if you take BDS admission through us.
  • Conclusion.

BDS Course Structure

BDS or Bachelor of Dental Surgery is a 5-year course which includes 4 years of studies and 1 year of compulsory internship.As the name says, in BDS you have to learn about the tooth, the head, and the neck. You might have heard people say, dentists are not doctors. It is just a myth.Every dentist is a doctor and MBBS and BDS are never equal. MBBS learn about the whole body and BDS students learn more about the head and the neck. MBBS students never have to learn the structure and treatment of tooth.I would like all the BDS aspirants to know the subjects in BDS. And I would list the subjects year wise.

Subjects in First Year BDS:

  • Dental Anatomy and Dental Histology.
  • Human Physiology.
  • Anatomy of Head and Neck.
  • Biochemistry.

Subjects in Second Year BDS:

  • Dental Materials.
  • Pharmacology.
  • Pathology.
  • Microbiology.
  • Pre-clinical operative.
  • Pre-clinical Prosthodontics.
First and second year you will be learning non-clinical and in the last two years, you will be learning clinical subjects. 😀

Subjects in Third year BDS:

  • General Medicine.
  • Surgery.
  • Oral Pathology.

Subjects in Final year BDS:

  • Oral Medicine and Radiology.
  • Prosthodontics.
  • Oral Surgery.
  • Periodontics.
  • Pedodontics.
  • Endodontics.
  • Orthodontics.
  • Preventive and Community Dentistry.
I want students to know about the subjects before taking BDS admission.

The scope of BDS:

Here I am going to crack another myth. Yes, BDS or dentists have good future in coming years. But, it is also true that the field is saturated.If you want to be a good earning dentist, then you must have great hand work and marketing skills.Image result for dentist dentalfry posterAs a fresher your earning capacity will be very low and as your experience grows your earnings will shoot up. But, I would suggest dental aspirants opt for MDS after BDS, which will give you more career stability.I would prefer you to go for MDS in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery after BDS, which is equal to an MD or MS. Yes, it gives you fame and earning as a surgeon.A surgeon must always have a ladies finger, eagles eye, and a lions heart. : P

Salary Expectation for BDS

As a fresher dentist you can’t earn somewhere between Rs.15,000 to Rs.40,000 depending on the place you are working. Private clinics will pay you Rs.15,000 to Rs.20,000 as fresher and corporate clinics might pay from Rs.20,000 to Rs.35,000.And if you start your own dental clinic, then think if you are able to get 10 patients per day, then you can easily earn around Rs.75,000 to Rs.1,00,000 monthly.Salaries and clinic income depends on the location and it may vary from place to place.

Admission Procedures for BDS Admission

For taking BDS admission in India your must:
  • Score 50% aggregate in 12th and 50% total in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • Quality NEET Entrance exam.
NEET qualification is mandatory for joining any dental college in India.After you had qualified your NEET entrance exam, you must wait until the counseling dates are published. Before the counseling starts think where you want to take BDS admission.There is two counseling registration, one is All India Quota Counseling conducted by MCC and other is the state counseling conducted by respective states.For example, if you want to take BDS admission in any dental college in Karnataka, then you must register for counseling in Karnataka Examination Authority or KEA website and go through the counseling procedures.As per government rules, you don’t have have to pay any donation for admission. Yes, BDS admission without donation is possible and that is government rule.

The Steps of Counseling Procedures in general:

  • Registration for state counseling through the respective state government website.
  • Document Verification: The candidate must physically be present for document verification with all the original documents. This might change depending on different states. Sometimes, the government may ask you to deposit a demand draft for security during document verification, which will be refunded.
  • Online Counseling: After the online counseling dates are published, you have to login in the respective websites and lock your choice of college and submit. There will be two rounds of online counseling and one round of offline mop-up round.
  • Mop-up Round: If seats are not allotted in the first two rounds then, there is one more round called mop-up round in which all the balance seats will be filled.
  • Allotment letter: After you have secured BDS admission, you will be given the allotment letter through the website or offline.

Entrance Exams for BDS Admission

I used to get hundreds of calls regarding NEET, whether it is possible to get BDS admission without NEET etc.For BDS admission there is one and only entrance exam, National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test or NEET.You don’t have to apply for any other exams other than NEET. If any agents say so, then it is confirmed that it is fraud. 😀Even for BDS admission through management quota, NEET qualification is compulsory.

How to Choose a College for BDS admission?

There are a lot of dental colleges in India and few of the dental colleges are not that up to the mark. So, before joining a dental college for BDS, I would prefer you to know about a few things.You must only join dental colleges with:
  • Excellent patient exposure: This is a professional and practical course. If a dental college doesn’t have patients then how would the students be able to learn? Make sure the dental college has enough patient exposure. The student to patient ratio must be good and you can get the details from former students or other students studying in the same college.
  • Faculties: The college must have excellent faculties in clinical departments like endodontics, prosthodontics, oral surgery, and periodontics. I would never say the lecturer must have years of experience and all. The professor must have the confidence to make the student work. Or else it all go for the students.
  • Extra fee charges: Some dental colleges in India charge a hefty amount for materials, books, examination fees etc. If you choose colleges in the center of the city like Bangalore and all, the extra charges would be a little high compared to other colleges.
  • Location: The location of dental college also matters for parents. But, I prefer to send students to safe places which are well connected via road, rail and air.
  • Climate: I just included this as I had prior experience. In some place, the college will be the best and the climate and groundwater won’t be good. It will affect the student directly.

Fee Structure for BDS in India

After the entry of NEET, the government and college fix the fee structure for every dental college in India. The fee structure for BDS admission depends on colleges and places.For example, last year the fee structure for BDS admission in Bangalore was Rs.4.17 lakh per year excluding hostel and food. But, many dental colleges in Bangalore filled the seats for as low as 2 lakh per year. BDS course fee in Bangalore or any other city may vary with demand too.And in Delhi NCR area, the fee structure was ranging from 1.5 lakh to 3.75 lakh per year depending on colleges.We provided BDS admission to many colleges in India for around 11 lakh including tuition fee, hostel, food and material fees for five years. Yes, we were having partnered college like that. That too college with great patient exposure.

Frequently Asked Questions About BDS Admission

We get thousands of calls every year regarding various questions about BDS admission and NEET entrance exams. So, here I had made a list of few frequently asked questions. You can go through the list and still you have any questions you can call me and clear your doubts.

1. Should I qualify NEET exam to take BDS admission?

Yes, it is compulsory to qualify NEET if you want to take BDS admission in any dental college in India. Even if you want to take BDS admission through management quota or BDS admission through NRI quota, you must qualify NEET entrance exam.

2. Is it possible to book a BDS seat?

Yes, it is possible to book BDS seat in selected colleges. But, in case if you don’t qualify NEET, then you won’t be eligible to take BDS admission in any dental college.

3. Can I cancel the booked seat?

Yes, it is possible to cancel the booked seat. But a percentage of your booking amount will be reduced in most of the cases.

4. Are there any extra fees other than tuition fees?

Yes, you will have to pay extra for the hostel and food. In some colleges, they might charge you extra for materials, exam fees etc. We will let you know about the extra fees before joining itself.

5. Do you deal with reputed and recognized college?

Yes, we only deal with reputed and recognized dental colleges and universities only. You can get every detail of the dental college from the official website of Dental Council of India.

6. Should I pay anything to your company after taking BDS admission?

No! Our service charge will be included in the fees in most of the cases. The candidate must pay for the counseling fees, travel etc.If you have any more questions feel free to call me by click to call button below.

List of DCI Approved Private Dental Colleges in India

  • Institute of Dental Studies and technologies.
  • Divya Jyothi Dental College.
  • Kalka Dental College.
  • Santosh Dental College.
  • Swami Devi Dyal Dental College.
  • Vydehi Dental College.
  • Sharavathi Dental College.
  • SRM Dental College.
  • Dayanand Sagar Dental College.
  • Sharavathi Dental College.
  • Subbaiah Dental College.
  • SJM Dental College.
  • College of Dental Sciences.
  • Bapuji Dental College.
  • AJ Institute of Dental Sciences.
  • Mahe Dental College.
  • Kusum Devi Sunderlal Dugar Jain Dental College.
  • Shubarti Dental College.
  • Haldia Insitute of Dental Sciences and Research.
  • Gurunanak Institute of Dental Science.
  • Maharaja Ganga Singh Dental College.
  • Uttaranchal Dental College.
  • Seema Dental College and Hospital.
  • Saraswathi Dental College.
  • Santosh Dental College.
  • Rama Dental College.
  • Purvanchal Institute of Dental Sciecnes.
  • Maharana Pratap Dental College and Hospital.
  • Kothiwal Dental College and Hospital.
  • KD Dental College and Hospital.
  • Institute of Dental Sciences.
  • Indraprastha Dental College.
  • ITS Dental College.
  • Azamgarh Dental College.
  • Chandra Dental College and Hospital.
  • career Institute of Dental Sciences.
  • Babu Banarasi Das College of Dental Sciences.
  • Sri Sai College of Dental Surgery.
  • Sri Balaji Dental College.
  • MNR Dental College.
  • Meghana Institute of Dental Science.
  • Mamata Dental College.
  • Vinayaka Mission Dental College.
  • Sri Venkateshwara Dental College.
  • Sri Ramakrishna Dental College.
  • Sri Ramachandra Dental College.
  • Sri Mookambika Institute of Dental Sciences.
  • Sree Balaji Dental College.
  • Saveetha Dental College.
  • Rajas Dental College.
  • Ragas Dental College and Hospital.
  • RVS Dental College.
  • Priyadarshini Dental College and Hospital.
  • KSR Institute of Dental Science.
  • JKK Natrajah Dental College.
  • Chettinad Dental College.
  • Best Dental Science College.
  • Asan Memorial Dental College.
  • Vyas Dental College and Hospital.
  • Surendra Dental College and Research Center.
  • Pacific Dental College.
  • Jodhpur Dental College.
  • Darshan Dental College.
  • Daswani Dental College.
  • Sukhmani Dental College.
  • Rayat Bahra Dental College.
  • National Dental College and Hospital.
  • Genesis Institute of Dental Science and Research.
  • Dasmesh Institute of Research and Dental Science.
  • Christian Dental College.
  • Adesh Institute of Dental Sciences.
  • Sri Venkateshwara Dental College.
  • Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Science.
  • Hi-tech Dental College and Hospital.
  • Agita Dental College and Hospital.
  • VSPM’s Dental College and Hospital.
  • Terna Dental College and Hospital.
  • Singhad Dental College and Hospital.
  • Sharad Pawar Dental College and Hospital.
  • Saraswathi Danwantri Dental College.
  • Rural Dental College.
  • DY Patil Dental College.
  • Nair Hospital Dental College.
  • MA Rangoonwala Dental College and Hospital.
  • DY Patil Dental School.
  • Bharati Vidyapeet Dental College and Hospital.
  • Aditya Dental College.
  • Sri Aurobindo Dental College.
  • RKDF Dental College and Hospital.
  • Rishiraj College of Dental Science.
  • Peoples Dental College and Hospital.
  • Modern Dental College and Research Center.
  • Manasarovar Dental College.
  • Maharana Pratap College of Dentistry.
  • Institute of Dental Education and Advance Studies.
  • Index Institute of Dental Science.
  • Hitkarini Dental College and Hospital.
  • Babha College of Dental Science.
  • St.Gregorious Dental College.
  • Sri Sankara Dental College.
  • Royal Dental College.
  • Malabar Dental College.
  • Pushpagiri Dental College.
  • PMS College of Dental Science and Research.
  • MES Dental College.
  • Mar Baselious Dental College.
  • KMCT Dental College.
  • KMCT Dental College.
  • Educare Institute of Dental Science.
  • Century International Institute of Dental Sciences and Research Center.
  • Azeezia College of Dental Sciences.
  • Annoor Dental College and Hospital.
  • Amrita School of Dentistry.
  • Al-Azhar Dental College.
  • Yenepoya Dental College and Hospital.
  • VS Dental College.
  • Oxford Dental College.
  • Srinivas Institute of Dental Sciences.
  • Sri Venkateshwara Dental College and Hospital.
  • Sri Siddhartha Dental College.
  • Sri Rajiv Gandhi College of Dental Sciences.
  • Sri Hassanamba Dental College and Hospital.
  • SDM College of Dental Sciences.
  • Rajarajeshwari Dental College and Hospital.
  • PMNM Dental College and Hospital.
  • Navodaya Dental College.
  • Maratha Mandal’s Dental College.
  • Manipal College of Dental Sciences.
  • Maruthi College of Dental Science and Research Center.
  • MS Ramaiah Dental College and Hospital.
  • MRA Dental College.
  • Krishnadevaraya Dental College.
  • KVG Dental College.
  • KGF Dental College.
  • JSS Dental College and Hospital.
  • Dr.Syamala Reddy Dental College and Hospital.
  • Dayanand Sagar College of Dental Sciences.
  • Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences.
  • Bangalore Institute of Dental Sciences.

Our BDS admission Consultancy Service Features:

Here I will like to list down the features of our BDS admission consultancy service.
  • College Selection: Our expert team will help you choose one of the best dental colleges which will be available for you within your budget and your NEET score. We also have a team of consulting dentists, who can tell you about the same.
  • Counseling Support: You can expect our complete support for counseling registration, online counseling procedures, choice locking and much more. As of now none of the other consultants have an exact idea about the counseling procedures. We are experts in counseling of Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh.
  • Seat Booking: We can help you book your BDS seats in selected colleges and will also provide you with the exact fee structure of the dental college.
  • Affordable Fee: We recruit hundreds of students to different dental colleges in India and we can guarantee you that the fee structure we provide will be the best in the field. We have good dental colleges with low fee structure too.
  • Secure Payments: All your fee payments will be made via counseling and college. As there is a high number of cases of admission fraudsters, we prefer our candidates to pay the fees through counseling and college.
  • Installment Fee Payment: You can pay your tuition fees in installment and also opt for an educational loan.
  • Educational Loan Papers: If you are opting for an educational loan, then we can help you get supporting documents from college and university.
  • Excellent After Support: After taking BDS admission, we will provide you the best after support. In case of any help during your studies or anything, you can contact the respective consultant and we will help you in any situation.

Unique Benefits If You Take BDS Admission Through Us

We provide a few unique benefits which we provide only to dental candidates.
  • Scholarships: For deserving candidates, we will discuss with the college and provide you scholarships which will keep away your financial burdens.
  • Free Educational Kit: Our dental admission wing will provide you with a free educational kit, which will include basic notes, materials, and extra stationery which will surely help your studies. Every year we will also provide you with the latest edition of question banks etc.

Interested to take BDS admission through us? Cool! You can use the click to call button to talk to our dental admission expert.

Click To Call Us – +91-9747352630

Not Interested to take BDS admission through us? No problem.But, I would like to tell you how to select a genuine educational consultant who could help you get a BDS seat in any dental college.

Choose BDS admission educational consultants who:

  • Experienced Consultants: Have been into educational consultancy business for more than at least 3 years. Why I prefer experienced consultants are because newbies won’t have an idea of the counseling procedures for BDS admission. It took us one complete year to get the exact information regarding counseling after the launch of NEET entrance exam.
  • Competitive Fees: Most of the consultants charge a hefty service charge apart from the tuition fees. The fact is that most of the colleges pay the consultant a service charge for promoting their college. And a few colleges don’t. If a consultant charges very high, then it will surely shoot up your fees.
  • Installment Fee Payment: Most of the educational consultants provide fee payment in installment and few don’t. So, choose BDS admission consultants who can provide you easy and secure payment options.
  • Recognized Colleges: Choose BDS admission consultants who deal only with reputed colleges and universities only. You might have read in the newspaper that many dental colleges lost their affiliation and all. So before choosing a college check whether a college is recognized by Dental Council of India.
  • After Support: The first thing which I told you was experienced consultants. The reason is If an educational consultant shut down his company and later after a year of your admission you need some clarifications about your fee structure, whom will you contact? If you choose educational consultants who are in the field for more than 3 years, then you will surely get good after support.
  • Registered Office: Choose educational consultants who have a registered head office, so that in case of any future help you can contact them easily.
  • Expert in the course: Ask your BDS admission consultant many questions and clarify all your doubts. Opt for that consultant whom you feel to communicate easily. If you feel the consultant is an expert and know more about the course, it’s scope, counseling procedures and all, then you can go for him without a second thought.
  • Extra Benefits: During your conversation, you can ask the consultant what all benefits he will be providing. Only very few educational consultants will be providing extra benefits like scholarship schemes, free study materials etc.
Use the service wisely! : P


I guess I had given you enough information regarding BDS admission. I had tried my best to put all the information regarding BDS admission and all its related information. If you found this post helpful and worth shareable, please do share it with your friends and people in need.In case of any help for BDS admission in India feel free to contact us via phone or WhatsApp. If you want me to add anything else to this post, comment it down and I will try my best to clear it.
BDS Admission 2019


This is the complete guide or information hud about BDS admission in India in 2019.

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