About Us

We Guide Students in Choosing The Right College and Course and Help Them Design Their Career.

We are a team of young enthusiastic team of professionals who are having more than 13 years of experience in Educational Consulting and Career Guidance field. Since then we had helped hundreds of students choose their college and choose their career. Now we are a brand known and among the best educational consultants in India.

We help  students choose the right career and chisel their career for a better tomorrow.

This firm is our way of giving back to the student community.

This is the perfect place for you if you are confused about your career and in the dilemma of which course or college to join.

In this website you will find information regarding:

  • Courses you can join after your schooling or undergraduate
  • Genuine information and reviews about different colleges.
  • Exclusive guides about entrance exams and counseling procedures.
  • Admission guidance and complete support to hundreds of partnered college.

How We Started PKEdutech?

As most of the students we were also average students and stuck with what to do after 12th.

Our parents contacted an Educational Consultant in Mangalore, it was the worst situation. That consultant never kept promises which he gave.

After we joined our college, we found that this was the situation 80% of the students faced.

During our graduation, we thought of starting an educational guidance service company and that was the origin of PKEdutech.

Due to lack of marketing knowledge and information, we started posting ads in online classifieds. We also shared about our new venture with our family and friends.

We started gaining popularity in the field and we never had to turn back. We also started giving various creative and unique benefits to all the candidates who joined colleges through us.

Unique Features of PKEdutech Career Guidance and College Admission Service:

  • Free counseling and career guidance: We provide free career guidance and counseling to all students who approach us. We provide counseling to students across the globe and we also provide phone support and guidance.
  • Expert help for course and college selection: The toughest part is selection of course and college. We will take you through a series of questionnaires which will help you select a course easily. With more than hundred colleges tied up with us, we can provide you with diverse options.
  • Complete support in counseling procedures: Most of the consultants dump their candidates after taking admission fees. But, we take care of our candidates and gives them complete support during counseling.
  • Seat booking facility: To secure your child’s future, you can book seat in your preferred college in advance.
  • Installment fee payments: All our colleges will provide you facility to pay your fees as you go. Some colleges ask to pay yearly and others semester wise.
  • Loan paper arrangement: Most of my clients are middle class and they will need educational loan. For applying loan, I will provide my candidates with supporting documents from college and university.
  • Excellent after support: This is the best and unique features we have and this keep us in the top of the industry. During your course period we will provide you with most of the support regarding college and studies.

Is our service free of charge?

Yes! You don’t have to pay us anything. You heard that right.

The college or institution pays us for referring genuine students to their college. We are associated with hundreds of colleges in India.

We spend our time and create free information to our readers. In return while the candidates reach out to a college, they will take our consultancy name and we will get an incentive for every referral. The tuition fee will remain same and you got a bonus out of it. 😀

Colleges Where We Place Our Candidates:

We are very much ethical in our work and really care for our candidates. We had seen many educational consultants who refer students to unapproved colleges, which will spoil the candidates future.

We will recruit students to colleges which:

  • Are approved by Government of India.
  • are having recognition and accreditation from concerned authority.
  • Have good infrastructure and other facilities.
  • Affiliated to well known and reputed universities.
  • Are safe for girls.
  • Easy to reach and places which have good climatic condition.

Wrap Up

We had tried our best to give all the genuine information to our readers. If you found our information or articles worth sharing, please do share it with your friends and people in need.

If you found our information excellent, consider taking admission through our educational consultancy, which would make this blog live and running.


Your New Friends in Need

Team PK Edutech